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The Vision Group aims to become a globally diversified companies in the field of mining and minerals, so he embarked on after the success of its first exploratory studies to intensify into a box and concession outside the box. 

In November of the year 2011 and after the spread of indiscriminate mining group sensed the gravity of the accumulation of piles of traditional mining waste near streams and valleys containing mercury, which may Ioady to pollute the environment and access to the waters of the Nile. Initiating action in Mtalorgih studies in laboratories to study the possibility of treatment of these wastes in a manner conducive to safe disposal of mercury pollution in which to stave off disaster and take advantage of the remaining proportion of gold in this economic waste as a supporter. 

These studies have proved the existence of the concentration of gold in the waste up to 5 grams per ton as he can extract about 90% of the gold found in the use of cyanide and simulation material known as carbon during the nomination process (Carbon-In-Leach (CIL)) 

Based on these results the group signed with the Ministry of Minerals decades to treat these wastes in a manner Alsaanaed even contribute to the safety of the environment and support the economy, which was the product of gold in the waste. Represented in the mining group.