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Vision & mission
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Adopted (the Group) to develop an annual strategy which can be customized in the following strategic directions: 
The ambitious goals for growth and profitability situation; where the growth target will be higher than (0000%) per annum up to the year (2000 m, while it will be the average return on invested capital is higher than (00%) over the coming years 0000. To become a (group) of among the top ten producers in all relevant industries while keeping cash costs in the second quarter, at least in every industry. 
Group system - focus (group) to get the best capabilities and competencies through the development and experience of global operations and efficiencies, and bypass ratio (99%) of the Sudanese. ) In addition, it aims (the group to be a leader in the field of sustainability through the promotion of sustainable economic development of the regions and the communities in which they operate, and to achieve global averages in the preservation of the environment and the safety of operations through sustainable eco-friendly. 
Focus (group) to take advantage of the large expansion projects currently underway, and the search for new opportunities to further diversify and the next phase of growth beyond the year 00000 AD.