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It considered the mining industry of the oldest industries known to man throughout the ages Despite the large task of man positives come in the forefront of exploitation for most mineral resources available in the ground and turn them into useful things in all life affairs, whether warships or industrial, agricultural or household.
However, the industry has some negative effects on the environment, including the distortion of the earth appearance that God created them, in addition to the large consumption of water during the extraction, manufacturing and production processes, let alone that dirt, dust rising during exploitation operations, in addition to the harmful waste Kalojhzh and equipment, drilling and cavities and trenches earth, stones, and the remnants of raw materials resulting from the extraction operations, in addition to the harmful waste products resulting from the processing of mineral raw materials due to the use of certain substances
On the basis of the role and mission of Hamidin to work to protect the environment by identifying the best ways to get rid of the harmful effects of mining and waste resulting from the environmental and geological mining activities. The company has to adopt a project to take advantage of waste and residues of mining activities and the project aims to identify the types of waste, waste and determine the quantities and work to turn them into promising investment opportunities in order to get rid of the harmful effects and thus protect the environment.

Our company

Alhamdeen company for sophisticated projects, which owns Alhamdeen for Mining "was founded in 2013, in order to develop mineral resources in the different regions of Sudan



The focus of the company's attention is currently on the activity of gold, which has grown in recent years to include the operation of a set of gold mines in the Red Sea state 


Origin and evolution

Alhamdeen Mining was founded in Khartoum in the twelfth day of the month of June Snh.alven and twelve m under the business names  Act of 1931 (Registration No. 78 809). And the Board of Directors consists of partners and the main office is located in the city of Khartoum North.

Then Alhamdeen company for sophisticated projects, Ltd. was established on the first day of the month of April two thousand and thirteen under Osmealoamal Act of 1931 (Registration No. 42 609).

Then titling Alhamdeen Mining Company Alhamdeen for sophisticated projects in the second of December two thousand and thirteen.

The Alhamdeen Mining Company mining operations processing waste her concession area of the box (Valley publican North Haya) Red Sea state under a partnership with the Government of Sudan represented by the Ministry of Mines agreement.

The company aims to become Mjmuahaalmih variety in the field of mining, metallurgy, mining and processing waste to enhance overall value for its shareholders.

The company Alhamdeen lead all its business with the utmost attention to human resources, health and safety and the environment and social issues. It is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and the environment, and implement the necessary legal systems.

Currently has Aalhamedin field work Major Company, a waste processing gold mining

The company Alhamdeen development projects currently operating or in the following locations in the Republic of Sudan:

*  Haya  local Red Sea state

1. Wadi Alushar  area

2. Haya  northern region

And also the River Nile State logic Seddon

Our vision and our mission and our goals

Alhamdeen Mining Company aims to exercise various mining activities relating to all phases of the mining industry, including the development and improvement of metals and their products and derivatives and all related industries. To accomplish its goals successfully operate Alhsour

With the utmost attention to human resources, health, safety and environmental issues, where the company is committed to the following

Take advantage of Sudan's non-oil mineral resources for the performance of the company's global role in the mining and metals industry beneficiaries of mining expertise and management skills, as well as support from the government and our global partners

Exploit the growing global demand for mineral resources, the advantages of competitive cost base in Sudan for the benefit of our employees, shareholders, the government and the global economy and the development of the mining industry and the use of the latest technology available to the highest productivity and minimal impact on the environment

Making the mining sector the third pillar of the Sudanese industry through huge existing and future projects and expansions. Develop and diversify the economy of Sudan through the implementation of projects Alhamdeen company.

Attention to social responsibility through the preparation and implementation of appropriate policies to deal with environmental and health issues and matters of public safety to international standards

See Alhamdeen

Build a mining company on a global level

Alhamdeen message

To become a global mining company. A privately owned, profitable and pay more attention to matters concerning human resources, health and safety and the environment, social issues

Projects and property



The company spotted all possibilities and estimated budgets and potential to achieve the goal of the advancement of the national economy and lifted the country,

 Where it is incurring the latest processing plant mining Ahli in Africa residues, which works techniques very high for the analysis and processing of gold, which at a cost addition to the mechanisms that operate in the project about 50 million pounds, and has a capacity of operational 1,500 tonnes / day, also has been added line New production of CIC 2400 tons of production capacity per day, and this amplitude by high operational will contribute to the employment of a large number of people in the region and this will certainly lead to the development of the region and the development of its people good.

Addition to charitable projects that contribute to the building area Examples include support Khalawi area financially and in kind, which is a continuous monthly support, as well as one of the important projects, a project connected to the water line of fours to the city of Port Sudan total cost of more than five million dollars.

The company also owns a number 6 and number 3 Bachlodr excavators and the number of flip-flop 30 and all these machines .ogerha working for the success of this major project, which will enjoy its bounties all the people of Sudan. All the people of the state of the Red Sea in particular.