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Exseer Mining Company

Is a private company  founded in 2012 by business shareholders . It has awarded and signed in September 2012, a sharing contract to develop a suitable technique to collect all scattered artisanal tailings within Abu Hamad area in the River Nile State in Sudan, and to select a suitable metallurgical process to extract the remaining gold out of them. 














Location and access

The project area is situated  in the River Nile State of the Sudan, about 12 km north of Abu Hamad Town (about 550 km from Khartoum) on the eastern bank of the River Nile  {N 33 16ꞌ 56    E 19  10 ꞌ  3} (Fig. 2.1).  Access to the plant area is via Khartoum –Abu Hamad asphalt road and then by a north east leveled road to the site. in the proper plant area 





















      The plant entails the reprocessing of artisanal gold mining tailings via heap leach and CIC and mill and CIL. The tailings are stacked and piled into heaps and first agglomerated with cement to improve solution infiltration down the heap. A weak cyanide solution is fed using drip feeders to the heap allowing the gold to dissolve into the cyanide solution. The gold-cyanide leachant ("pregnant solution") is collected into ponds as it percolates out from the base of the heap and then transported to a recovery plan. The gold leached in the pregnant solution is adsorbed on activated carbon, desorbed, refined and stripped in electrowining cells on steel cathodes, followed by smelting scrap.



Board of Directors

Chairman of board of directors

Mr. AlMahi Haj Ali Ahmed

Member & Vice Chairman

Mr. Awad Omer Abed Elsalam

Managing Director

Mr. Abdulla Omer Abed Elsalam


Mr. Assadiq Mohamed Ahmed Mosa


Mr. Yasser Al sideeg

Executive Management

Director General

Mr. Ahmed Abed Elsalam Osman

Site Manager

Abu Baker Mahgoob Yahya

Technical Advisor

Dr. Ousam ALoub



Achieving our vision depends on having highly skilled people in appropriate job at the right time while ensuring the best employment practices. This is achieved through equitable opportunities, compensation benefits and ensuring a perfect mix of opportunities and career satisfaction.

Our expectation is to be a leader, accountable for safety, sensitive to environmental considerations, committed to social responsibilities in our community.

Our Business

Exseer Mining company`s business is focusing in developing most favorable metallurgical techniques to reprocess the artisanal miners tailings for gold extract.

Vision & Mission

Our Goal

To realize consistently successful mining in this changing world, through new ways of thinking, new processes and competent application of these processes by embracing global best practices of mining industry in every aspect of the operations.

Our Vision

To become a highly respected world class gold processing firm and the Gold company of choice in Sudan with a view to achieve the aspirations of the shareholders and to transform the landscape of human development in the working.

Our Values

·       Act with integrity, efficiency and trust

·       Reward creativity and dedication to work

·       Demons higher sensitivity to environmental considerations, safety measures and social responsibility.

·       Capacity building of our staff through pursuit of excellence and encouraging team work.


Our Mission

To promote the gold mining industry in the country while maintaining the utmost concern for comprehensive human development with a focus on health, safety environmental and social issues and prospering the people of the region.


Rida Mining , is  subsidiary company  of Rida Engineering  and Construction CO.Ltd (Regist.NO 7512 ) was incorporated  in Khartoum on the 13th of October 1999 under the Registration of Business Names Ordinance 1931 (Regist .No .39601 ) . The Board of Directors is composed of the shareholders of Rida Engineering. The Company  Headquarter is in Khartoum  North and Regional Office at AL Abidiya town in the River Nile state.

Rida Mining is a Sudanese company with a full exploration, mining and gold production services. Our entire staffs are categorized into 6 departments: Production, Exploration & Geological Database, Laboratory, Drilling, Surveying, HSE and Administration.

Rida through its national expertise staff is skilled to handle a full range of mining work from grassroots reconnaissance prospection, through tactical exploration, feasibility studies,... to optimization and mine design. It is also competent to run metallurgical test for auriferous ores and design processing flowchart for industrial implementation.

Supply Chain


RIDA MINING Global Supply Team has a strong reputation based on resource industry experience and expertise, along with a proven track record of achievements. Supply is viewed as a strategic component of our business and we constantly strive to improve performance and reduce costs. We aim to develop long lasting relationships with world-class suppliers who can provide quality goods and services at competitive rates.

The RIDA MINING Global Supply Team provides strategic direction for all of our procurement and logistics activities, including strategic sourcing, contracts, purchasing, logistics and inventory management, as well as identifying opportunities to improve our supply chain process.