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Hasour mining

Alhsour Mining was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing mineral resources in different areas of Sudan and a contribution to the advancement of the national economy and the elevation of the country, Alhsour mining  has been spotted all possibilities possible to achieve this goal in the spheres of work.

The focus of the company's attention is currently on the activity of gold, which has grown in recent years to include the operation of a set of gold mines in the area ( Delgo )

Origin and Evolution:

Alhsour Mining Company was founded in Khartoum in the seventh day of the month of May 2012 under the business names of the 1931 Act (Certificate of Incorporation No. 78 441). The main office is located in the city of Khartoum.

Alhsour mining company operate  the mining concession area in  northern state under a partnership agreement with the Government of Sudan represented by the Ministry of Mines.


Kuduarma Project

Northern  State 


Alkhunnag Project

Northern  State 

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