Chairman words

Welcome you to the site

of our group , and I hope

that this effort has to your satisfaction

, and provide information

that meetyour needs. The

company has achieved

over the


years a quantum leap in the

development of projects of

mining and investment

industries and strategic

plans in order to succeed in building a system of mining industries in accordance

with international standards

and to become the third

pillar of the Sudanese

industry and to enable them to contribute positively to sustainable development and to compete ably in the global markets and strengthen its position among global producers.


Considered (Group Challengers) of the leading institutions in the field of mining and mining industries in the Republic of Sudan, where the purse containing group mining sites in different stages such as exploration, development and production

Increase the effective development of the mining sector, as a substrate for the second Sudanese economy through the adoption of international best practices in order to maximize the value of the mineral resources of the stakeholders.

Core Values :
Promote the core values ​​of the group culture of the company to contribute to the growth of positive elements which is owned;, in order to develop and consolidate its position as one of the mining companies successful and profitable with a global reputation in operational efficiency, and economic development, and sustainable development, and attention to social and environmental issues ..